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July 16, 2019 - Janet McGregor-Dunn Acrylic Class


The 2019 Members only Summer craft was held at the Studio of Artist Janet McGregor -Dunn in Fayetteville, GA. Janet introduced the participants to acrylic art possibilities.

Check out Janet's website for this fascinating art!

fmga 2019 craft 21 susan.jpg
fmga 2019 craft 5 - Copy.jpg
fmga 2019 craft 19 susan.jpg
fmga 2019 craft 9 - Copy.jpg
fmga 2019 craft 24 Janet.jpg
fmga 2019 craft 4 - Copy.jpg

Nor only did we have an informative introduction to a new art for us, but it was a informal members bonding!

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